Case File UK20130012

Case Summary

Beddington Foundation agent in Spain, Lucía Pena reported the following incident.

Steven Goodrich, a US expat living in Morocco, was murdered in the streets of Barcelona in the middle of the day.
The assailant has not been identified.

Witnesses report that the assailant charged Goodrich and picked him up off the ground from by the neck. Goodrich pulled a handgun and fired three shots into the assailant. One of the shots injured an bystander, Silvia Pavia. Two of the shots landed square in the chest but it seemed to have no effect on the assailant. Still holding Goodrich in the air with one of his hands, he pulled a large knife and gutted Goodrich.

Pena has found out that the United States is showing an interested in this case. Agents, possibly CIA, have been dispatched.


Send a team to Barcelona and meet with Lucía Pena to continue with the investigation. Determine what the assailant is and who he is and then report in for further instructions.


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